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Management Services

What we do for an average of $3 a day for full service, or just a small one-time fee to bring you a qualified tenant…

Collect Property Information
Rental Evaluation
Schedule Repair Estimates       (Not included with semi service)
Negotiate Repair Estimates    (Not included with semi service)
Schedule Repairs      (Not included with semi service)
Inspect & Negotiate Repairs      (Not included with semi service)
Take Professional Pictures
Possible Video Walkthrough/Floor plan which Minimizes Unnecessary Showings
Prepare Presentation
List Property on Hundreds of Websites
Handle Tenant Leads and Sell the Property
Schedule Showings
Collect & Process Applications
Collect & Process Landlord References, Income Information, etc
Negotiate Additional Repairs
Draft & Have Lease Signed
Collect Move In Repair Estimates      (Not included with semi service)
Inspect Repairs & Negotiate Call Backs      (Not included with semi service)
Make Keys
Collect Security Deposit & Rent
Move Tenant In

The above tasks are included in our semi service, full management, and finder’s fee services unless noted to the right.  The Tasks below are all handled with Full and semi service unless noted to the right.  These are 3 different products.  Full & semi service clients do not have to pay any flat or finder’s fees.

Handle Move In Issues
Schedule any Move in Repairs       (Not included with semi service)
Maintain Security Deposit in NC Trust Account
Maintain Tenant Respect
Aggressively Collect Rent
Handle All Repairs        (Not included with semi service)
Schedule Repair Appointments       (Not included with semi service)
Handle Warnings and All Other Necessary Documentation
Monthly Statements and Checks Mailed by the 8th
Direct Deposits Made with Most Major Banks on the 8th
Year End Accounting for Ease with Taxes
Handle Lease Renewals or Notices to Vacate
Handle Move Out Procedure and Documentation
Inspect Property After Move Out
Handle Security Deposit Retention / Return
Begin the Process Again from the Beginning


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Our Mission…
Rental Managers

To treat every property as if it were our own, or crush the best competition nationally, whichever is greater. Where we lack resources, we’ll substitute ingenuity, flexibility, and aggressiveness. We’ll never make excuses. We’ll value mistakes over mundane. Open mindedness is a requirement. We will offer as low a cost solution as possible without sacrificing results. Our clients’ success will define our success. Passion will drive client success. We’ll always strive for better. Imagine what we can be…