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If you haven't heard of us, you will. Over 12 years of property management experience & cutting edge execution...

If you haven’t heard of us, you will…

9 Years of Property Management Experience

Less than a cup of Starbucks coffee!

That’s what our average client is happy to allot us for the daily peace of mind and time savings of having the best in the industry handle ALL their property / RISK management needs.  In these troubled times the risk of making mistakes is huge, and by the time most of our potential clients realize this, it’s too late.  We are cutting edge, and passionate about our business.  We realize that most property managers are tired, and behind times.  We constantly strive to be #1 in Service and Technology.

listing-syndication2Do you pay taxes?  If so, you probably pay 20% or more.  For every penny we are allotted, you get a HUGE tax break!  Why on earth would you manage yourself and assume all that risk and the headaches?

Victory Realty is EXTREMELY excited to announce an expansion into the Raleigh area market. March 1st 2011 was our grand opening and we are already making a huge splash! The owner himself is personally moving to Raleigh to oversee the launch and put everything we have into the Raleigh area market. Amid massive success in the sleepy beach town of Wilmington, our goals and expectations are to be the best, immediately. We are applying the same strategies that brought over 300% growth in the Wilmington market in the last three years alone! All we do is manage rentals, and NO ONE does it with more passion and commitment. Our motto is, “you’ll swear it was our own home” and we passionately believe it.  We are a smaller, targeted company rarely having more than 15 active rentals.  Our competitors typically advertise almost a 100.  This means 100’s, or usually 1,000’s more leads viewing YOUR home when renters hit our site.  Small firm feel, big firm advertising.

We advertise on EVERY major rental site.  Google the address /community for a property we have had on the market 10 days or more.  You will find our listings typically occupy most of the first page, consistently beating out sales listings.

We are the only property manager in the area that is a stellar member of the Better Business Bureau. Accredited with an A rating. We are also a licensed NC REALTOR.

Don’t need full service management?  We also offer an industry first tenant finder service, with a small one-time fee which most more than make up in tax savings!

Our entire system is next to none.   A substantial portion of your cost is saved in taxes alone, so managing yourself makes little sense.  Do you know why our competitors make you sign a long term commitment and pay upfront?  It’s because they know if given the chance, most of their clients would leave.  Do you know why we only ask for a 75 day commitment?  It’s because almost all of our homes rent in that time and very few clients ever consider leaving…

Now that you are ready to sign up, visit our site and so we can get started today and turn your home into a peaceful income generator despite this stressful market.    Not ready yet, visit our site for more advantages and RISK management.  We also offer reports with information on recently rented homes and other statistics sorted by zip code and community on our site.  We have a list of ALL our services at the bottom of our polices.  With just one glance we feel you will completely agree that letting the best professional in the industry take the stress off your shoulders is the best thing you could possibly do.

Our tenant selection process is next to none.  While we are usually tied to the market in regards to the actual rental rate, we set ourselves apart and exceed client expectations by substantially minimizing vacancy, and choosing only the best tenants in the industry.  We have a massive mailing list filled with thousands of potential renters ready to make a move in the near future.  As soon as we list a property dozens of tenants currently looking for homes just like yours are immediately notified.  This gives us a time advantage no other owner or manager can utilize.  Our system is state of the art and with thousands of potential tenants on our auto notify list, we often rent homes in the first week.  Just getting on the internet is only half of the battle.  We utilize highly researched techniques to ensure that our listings truly stand out online.  Most rental websites contain thousands of rentals, and it’s easy to get lost in the fray quickly.  We utilize highly researched techniques using specific keywords, and other technological techniques to draw the most possible attention to your home!  We declined nearly 50% of applications received in 2009.  This is after screening most terrible tenants before even showing the property.  Due to the large number of leads we receive, we have no problems being exceptionally stringent on our qualification guidelines.  There is no better way to have a nightmare rental experience than to accept a bad tenant because you don’t have enough leads to choose from.  We ask leading questions to draw out inconsistencies, and unwanted activities.  We post certain information about our policies, but very little.  We want to surprise our leads when they call, this helps in getting honest answers.

We can say with 100% confidence that our rental presentations are the absolute best in the industry.  We encourage you to view our current listings.  At times we are limited in the pictures we can take do to tenant issues, but when given full use of a property our presentations typically blow away sales listings.  We take tons of pictures even for our smallest and most affordable rentals.  We also commonly utilize state of the art presentation methods such as crystal clear aerial photos,  true video walkthroughs with YOUTUBE presentations, and stunning photography.  At Victory we don’t just snap a photo and list.  The sunlight must be right, the home must be in excellent condition, and other factors must be met or we’ll retake the photos the first chance we get.  On average we take 50 or more pictures of a listing so we can choose the top 15 or so to list online.  When searching a rental website, we can guarantee you that our headlines and photos ALWAYS stand out far above ALL of our competitors, even owner landlords!  Test us.  Go on any rental site and look at the first 15 listings that really catch your attention.  Even though we rarely have more than 15 active at one time, you will almost certainly choose one of our ads during this exercise.
Concerned about out of control expenses?  So are we!  We have a long list of amazing contractors to choose from.  They do great work for very competitive rates.  Our sister company Victory Beach Vacations manages almost 150 vacation rental properties.  They are in constant need of contractors, and due to the volume of repairs in that industry our clients also benefit by receiving discounts, and above average service.  We are also very experienced in dealing with contractors.  Our maintenance manager has grown up in the industry and learned from an early age that if you let them know right from the beginning that you are watching every penny step by step, you avoid problems long before they arise.  Inexperience dealing with even reputable contractors can kill your bottom line.  Our maintenance department is also experienced in cutting down on unnecessary and frivolous service calls.  If we receive a call that will require a specialty contractor, we don’t just pick up the phone and call them immediately out.  First we trouble shoot the problem extensively with the tenant.  This has saved our clients thousands of dollars in the past.  For example, too often we have had tenants insist that a water heater was bad, and that no breakers were tripped.  We however instruct them to flip all breakers anyways, and 9 times out of 10 that fixes the problem.  Our competitors as well as inexperienced landlords would normally send a plumber with a price tag of nearly $75 an hour.  Our experience in the vacation rental industry serves us exceptionally well when it comes to ruthlessly cutting expenses for our clients.  If we ever have a doubt, rather than sending a specialty contractor one of our maintenance personnel will always take a look first.

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