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Brunswick County Rental Home Communities

Brunswick County Rental Home Communities

Description  Code
 Brunswick County
 Arbor Creek  Arbor Creek
 Arbor Creek Timber Stream  Arbor Creek Timber
 Arboretum Center Condo  Arboretum Center Con
 Ashton Place  Ashton Place
 Avalon  Avalon
 Azalea Gardens at Magnolia Greens  Azalea Gardens at Ma
 Baldwin  Baldwin
 Barefoot Bay  Barefoot Bay
 Barnes Bluff  Barnes Bluff
 Barrington at Home Place  Barrington at Home P
 Beaver Creek  Beaver Creek
 Belvedere Heights  Belvedere Heights
 Bent Tree Plantation  Bent Tree Plantation
 BHI (Bald Head Island)  BHI (Bald Head Islan
 Birch Creek The Woods  Birch Creek The Wo
 Blue Banks Acres  Blue Banks Acres
 Blue Banks Ridge  Blue Banks Ridge
 Blue Cove  Blue Cove
 Boiling Spring Lakes  Boiling Spring Lakes
 Bolivia  Bolivia
 Bonnets Landing  Bonnets Landing
 Braemar  Braemar
 Brandon Estates  Brandon Estates
 Brick Landing  Brick Landing
 Brierwood Estates  Brierwood Estates
 Brierwood Park  Brierwood Park
 Bristol Ridge at Windsor Park  Bristol Ridge at Win
 Brookhaven  Brookhaven
 Brookstone  Brookstone
 Brunswick Cove  Brunswick Cove
 Brunswick Forest  Brunswick Forest
 Brunswick Forest Jefferson Landing  Brunswick Forest Jef
 Brunswick Plantation  Brunswick Plantation
 Brunswick Village  Brunswick Village
 Brunswick Vineyard  Brunswick Vineyard
 Buccaneer Hills  Buccaneer Hills
 Buffalo Ridge  Buffalo Ridge
 Calabash Acres  Calabash Acres
 Canady Division  Canady Division
 Captains Villas  Captains Villas
 Carol Lynn Estates  Carol Lynn Estates
 Carolina Cove  Carolina Cove
 Carolina Place  Carolina Place
 Carolina Shores  Carolina Shores
 Caswell Beach  Caswell Beach
 Caswell Dunes  Caswell Dunes
 Cedar Court at Muscadine Woods  Cedar Court at Musca
 Chadwick Landing  Chadwick Landing
 Charleston Common  Charleston Common
 Cherrywood  Cherrywood
 Clearwater Place Condominiums  Clearwater Place Con
 Cleatwood  Cleatwood
 College View Acres  College View Acres
 Colonial Beach  Colonial Beach
 Colonial Court  Colonial Court
 Colony Woods  Colony Woods
 Compass Pointe  Compass Pointe
 Coral Condo  Coral Condo
 Cottage Point  Cottage Point
 Cove Landing  Cove Landing
 Creek Estates  Creek Estates
 Creeks Edge at Jackeys Creek  Creeks Edge at Jack
 Creekside Townhouses  Creekside Townhouses
 Creekview Estates  Creekview Est Lnd
 Creekview Estates Sturgeon Landing  Creekview Estates
 Croft Point  Croft Point
 Cross Creek Commons  Cross Creek Commons
 Crow Creek  Crow Creek
 Cypress Lakes  Cypress Lakes
 Davenport  Davenport
 Davis Forest  Davis Forest
 Deep Water Heights  Deep Water Heights
 Deer Trace  Deer Trace
 Deer Trot  Deer Trot
 Deerfield Estates  Deerfield Estates
 Delco  Delco
 Devaun Landing  Devaun Landing
 Devaun Park  Devaun Park
 Dockside Landing  Dockside Landing
 Dunescape  Dunescape
 Dutchman Creek Villas  Dutchman Creek Villa
 Eagles Nest  Eagles Nest
 Eagles Roost  Eagles Roost
 Eastbrook  Eastbrook
 Edgarwood  Edgarwood
 Ellen Acres  Ellen Acres
 Evergreen Estates  Evergreen Estates
 Fair Oaks  Fair Oaks
 Fishermans Village  Fishermans Village
 Flagship Point  Flagship Point
 Fletcher Estates  Fletcher Estates
 Floras Bluff  Floras Bluff
 Forest Oaks  Forest Oaks
 Forest Oaks Townhouses  Forest Oaks Townhous
 Fortner  Fortner
 Fox Grape Branch  Fox Grape Branch
 Foxwood Acres  Foxwood Acres
 Garden Place  Garden Place
 Gators Grant  Gators Grant
 Gleenwood Heights  Gleenwood Heights
 Glen Cove at South Harbor Village  Glen Cove at South H
 Glendale  Glendale
 Goodman Branch Estates  Goodman Branch Estat
 Goose Creek  Goose Creek
 Goose Marsh  Goose Marsh
 Grayson Park  Grayson Park
 Green Acres  Green Acres
 Green Bay Village  Green Bay Village
 Greenwood Heights  Greenwood Heights
 Grist Creek Run  Grist Creek Run
 Grove Landing  Grove Landing
 Halawasa  Halawasa
 Harbor Acres  Harbor Acres
 Harbor at Kings Lynn  Harbor at Kings Lynn
 Harbor Bay  Harbor Bay
 Harbor Oaks  Harbor Oaks
 Harbor Village  Harbor Village
 Harbor Village Glen Cove  Harbor Village Gle
 Hawkeswater at the River  Hawkeswater at the R
 Heritage Estates  Heritage Estates
 Heritage Harbor  Heritage Harbor
 Hernandos Hideaway  Hernandos Hideaway
 Heron Landing  Heron Landing
 Hewett Farms  Hewett Farms
 Hickory Hollow  Hickory Hollow
 High Hill  High Hill
 High Meadow Estates  High Meadow Estates
 Highland Dunes  Highland Dunes
 Highland Heights  Highland Heights
 Highland Hills  Highland Hills
 Highland Shores  Highland Shores
 Holden Plantation Seascape  Holden Plantation Se
 Holiday Ranches  Holiday Ranches
 Holly Hills  Holly Hills
 Home Place Barrington  Home Place Barring
 Home Place Estates  Home Place Estates
 Hoods Creek Village  Hoods Creek Village
 Howells Point  Howells Point
 Howells Point Place  Howells Point Place
 Ibis Roost  Ibis Roost
 Indian Creek Estates  Indian Creek Estates
 Indigo Plantation  Indigo Plantation
 Island Park  Island Park
 Jackeys Creek  Jackeys Creek
 Jackeys Creek Creeks Edge  Jackeys Creek Cre
 Jacobs Run  Jacobs Run
 Juniper Creek  Juniper Creek
 Killegray Ridge  Killegray Ridge
 Kings Lynn  Kings Lynn
 Klarbane  Klarbane
 Lake Butler  Lake Butler
 Lake Forest Village  Lake Forest Village
 Lakes at Lockwood  Lakes at Lockwood
 Lakewood Estates  Lakewood Estates
 Lancaster Woods  Lancaster Woods
 Lanvale Estates  Lanvale Estates
 Lanvale Forest  Lanvale Forest
 Lanvale Oaks  Lanvale Oaks
 Lanvale Trace  Lanvale Trace
 Leland  Leland
 Lena Springs Estates  Lena Springs Estates
 Lennon Hills  Lennon Hills
 Lewis Acres  Lewis Acres
 Lewis Ridge  Lewis Ridge
 Lewis Road  Lewis Road
 Liberty Landing  Liberty Landing
 Lighthouse Cove  Lighthouse Cove
 Lincoln Place Townhomes  Lincoln Place Townho
 Little River  Little River
 Little Shallotte River Estates  Little Shallotte Riv
 Live Oak  Live Oak
 Lockwood Folly  Lockwood Folly
 Loggerhead  Loggerhead
 Long Acres  Long Acres
 Long Bay Country  Long Bay Country
 Long Beach  Long Beach
 Long Branch  Long Branch
 Lyn Marie  Lyn Marie
 Maco  Maco
 Maco East  Maco East
 Maco Farms  Maco Farms
 Magnolia Greens  Magnolia Greens
 Magnolia Greens Azalea Gardens  Magnolia Greens Az
 Magnolia Greens The Preserve  Magnolia Greens Th
 Magnolia Greens Towns  Magnolia Greens To
 Magnolia Greens Holly Glen  Magnolia Greens Holl
 Magnolia Heights  Magnolia Heights
 Mallory Creek Cove  Mallory Creek Cove
 Mallory Creek Plantation The Palms  Mallory Creek Pl
 Mallory Creek Plantation South Brook  Mallory Creek Planta
 Mallory Creek Plantation Cove Landing  Mallory Creek
 Mallory Creek Plantation The Grove  Mallory Creek Grove
 Mallory Creek Plantation Grace Point Tow  Mallory Creek Pla
 Mallory Creek Plantation Ridgewood Park  Ridgewood Park
 Mallory Creek Plantation Tylers Cove  Tylers Cove
 Mallory Creek Plantation  Mallory Creek Plant
 Mallory Creek Plantation Emberwood  Mallory Creek Plan
 Mallory Creek Townhomes  Mallory Creek Townho
 Mallory Creek Palm Gardens  Mallory Crk Pm Gar
 Marina Village  Marina Village
 Mariners Pointe  Mariners Pointe
 Mariners Pointe Village  Mariners Pointe Vill
 Mariners Wacche  Mariners Wacche
 Marion Estates  Marion Estates
 Maritime Shores Cypress Bay  Maritime Shores Cypr
 Maritime Shores Oak Creek  Maritime Shores Oak
 Maritime Shores Spring Lakes  Maritime Shores Spri
 Maritime Shores Village at Cypress Bay  Maritime Shores Vill
 Marlee Acres  Marlee Acres
 Marsh Bay  Marsh Bay
 Marsh Creek  Marsh Creek
 Mary Frances Place  Mary Frances Place
 Masons Place  Masons Place
 Mayfair Mobile Home Park  Mayfair Mobile Home
 Meadowlands  Meadowlands
 Merrywoods  Merrywoods
 Middle Island Plantation  Middle Island Planta
 Mill Creek Cove  Mill Creek Cove
 Mill Creek Landing  Mill Creek Landing
 Morgan Creek  Morgan Creek
 Muscadine Woods Cedar Court  Muscadine Woods Ce
 Muscadine Woods Paml Court  Muscadine Woods Pa
 Navassa  Navassa
 NeberlinDelco Townsite  NeberlinDelco Towns
 North Hills  North Hills
 Northwest  Northwest
 Northwoods Estates  Northwoods Estates
 Not In Subdivision  Not In Subdivision
 Oak Haven  Oak Haven
 Oak Island Estates  Oak Island Estates
 Oak Land  Oak Land
 Oakview Estates  Oakview Estates
 Oakwood Glen  Oakwood Glen
 Ocean Aire Estates  Ocean Aire Estates
 Ocean Gate  Ocean Gate
 Ocean Greens  Ocean Greens
 Ocean Harbour Estates  Ocean Harbour Estate
 Ocean Haven  Ocean Haven
 Ocean Isle Beach  Ocean Isle Beach
 Ocean Isle Palms  Ocean Isle Palms
 Ocean Lakes  Ocean Lakes
 Ocean Trail  Ocean Trail
 Ocean Trails  Ocean Trails
 Ocean View  Ocean View
 Ocean Villas Condo  Ocean Villas Condo
 Ocean Walk  Ocean Walk
 Old Ferry Estates  Old Ferry Estates
 Old Forrest Estates  Old Forrest Estates
 Old Georgetowne  Old Georgetowne
 Old Town Creek  Old Town Creek
 Old Towne  Old Towne
 Olde South Banks  Olde South Banks
 Olde Southport  Olde Southport
 Olde Town  Olde Town
 Olde Towne  Olde Towne
 Olde Towne Woodridge  Olde Towne Woodrid
 Other  Other
 Owendon Plantation  Owendon Plantation
 Oyster Bay Colony II  Oyster Bay Colony
 Oyster Harbour  Oyster Harbour
 Palm Court at Muscadine Woods  Palm Court at Muscad
 Palms at Long Bay  Palms at Long Bay
 Palmers Branch  Palmers Branch
 Palmetto Creek  Palmetto Creek
 Parkwood Estates  Parkwood Estates
 Pickett Ridge  Pickett Ridge
 Pier 66  Pier 66
 Pine Burr Acres  Pine Burr Acres
 Pine Cliff  Pine Cliff
 Pine Haven  Pine Haven
 Pinecliff  Pinecliff
 Pinners Point  Pinners Point
 Pipers Point  Pipers Point
 Planters Walk  Planters Walk
 Players Club  Players Club
 Point Windward  Point Windward
 Pointe West  Pointe West
 Potterfield  Potterfield
 Potterville  Potterville
 Quail Cove  Quail Cove
 Quail Covey  Quail Covey
 Quail Haven  Quail Haven
 Quail Hollow  Quail Hollow
 Quail Meadows  Quail Meadows
 Quail Ridge  Quail Ridge
 Red Oak Estates  Red Oak Estates
 Reigelwood  Reigelwood
 Reserve at St. James Plantation  Reserve at St. James
 Rice Hope  Rice Hope
 Richmond Hills  Richmond Hills
 Riegelwood  Riegelwood
 Ripley Acres  Ripley Acres
 River Bluff Estates  River Bluff Estates
 River Croft Estates  River Croft Estates
 River Edge Ashford Place  River Edge Ashford
 River Edge Olde Towne  River Edge Olde Town
 River Heights Estate  River Heights Estate
 River Hills  River Hills
 River Ridge  River Ridge
 River Ridge at Old Towne  River Ridge at Old T
 River Run Plantation  River Run Plantation
 River Sea Plantation  River Sea Plantation
 River Watch  River Watch
 Rivercroft Estates  Rivercroft Estates
 Rivers Edge  Rivers Edge
 Rivers Edge The Bluffs  Rivers Edge The Bluf
 Rivers Edge The Gallery  Rivers Edge The Gall
 Riverwalk  Riverwalk
 Rock Crab  Rock Crab
 Rourk Landing Estates  Rourk Landing Estate
 Rutledge  Rutledge
 Sabal Palm Court  Sabal Palm Court
 Sand Dunes  Sand Dunes
 Sanders Forest  Sanders Forest
 Sandy Beach Retreat  Sandy Beach Retreat
 Sandy Bluff  Sandy Bluff
 Sandy Creek Acres  Sandy Creek Acres
 Sandy Hills  Sandy Hills
 Sandy Hollow  Sandy Hollow
 Sandy Shoals  Sandy Shoals
 Sea Aire Estates  Sea Aire Estates
 Sea Spray Landing  Sea Spray Landing
 Sea Trace  Sea Trace
 Sea Trail Plantation  Sea Trail Plantation
 Sea View  Sea View
 Sea Village  Sea Village
 SeaBrooke  SeaBrooke
 Seascape  Seascape
 Seashore Hills  Seashore Hills
 Seaside Acres  Seaside Acres
 Seaside Landing  Seaside Landing
 Seaside Village  Seaside Village
 Seaspray Cove  Seaspray Cove
 Seawatch at Sunset Harbor  Seawatch at Sunset
 see description  see description
 Sellars Cove  Sellars Cove
 Shady Grove  Shady Grove
 Shallotte Point  Shallotte Point
 Shallotte Town Place  Shallotte Town Place
 Shasta Park  Shasta Park
 Shell Point  Shell Point
 Shoreline Estates  Shoreline Estates
 Sim Gate  Sim Gate
 Skipper Division  Skipper Division
 Skipper Run  Skipper Run
 Skylee Place  Skylee Place
 Smithville Woods  Smithville Woods
 Snee Farm  Snee Farm
 Snowfield  Snowfield
 South Harbor Village  South Harbor Village
 South Harbour Village  South Harbour Villag
 South Trace  South Trace
 Southern Shore Villa  Southern Shore Villa
 Southport Heights  Southport Heights
 Springstone  Springstone
 St James Plantation  St James Plantation
 Stone Chimney Ridge  Stone Chimney Ridge
 Stoney Creek Plantation  Stoney Creek Plantat
 Stoneybrook  Stoneybrook
 Sturgeon Creek Estates  Sturgeon Creek Estat
 Sturgeon Landing at Creekview Estates  Sturgeon Landing at
 Summerlin  Summerlin
 Summerlin Estates  Summerlin Estates
 Summerlin Trace  Summerlin Trace
 Summerwoods  Summerwoods
 Sunnyside  Sunnyside
 Sunnyvale  Sunnyvale
 Sunset Beach  Sunset Beach
 Sunset Harbor  Sunset Harbor
 Sunset Ridge  Sunset Ridge
 Supply  Supply
 Tanglewood  Tanglewood
 The Arboretum  The Arboretum
 The Bluffs on the Cape Fear  The Bluffs on the Ca
 The Cottages at Sout  The Cottages at Sout
 The Farm  The Farm
 The Farms of Snowfield  The Farms of Snowfie
 The Forest at Riversea  The Forest at Rivers
 The Highlands  The Highlands
 The Knolls at Barrington  The Knolls at Barrin
 The Landing  The Landing
 The Preserve at Oak Island  The Preserve at Oak
 The Village At Hawkeswater  The Village At Hawke
 The Village at Southport Condos  The Village at South
 The Village of Woodsong  The Village of Woods
 The Villas at Skylars Cove  The Villas at Skylar
 The Willows at Lelan  The Willows at Lelan
 The Woods at Birch Creek  The Woods at Birch C
 Three Oaks at Magnolia Greens  ThreeOaksAtMagnoliaG
 Timber Stream at Arbor Creek  Timber Stream at Arb
 Town Creek  Town Creek
 Town Creek Colony  Town Creek Colony
 Town Creek Estates  Town Creek Estates
 Town Creek Heights  Town Creek Heights
 Townhomes at  Townhomes at
 Towns at Magnolia Greens  Towns at Magnolia Gr
 Townsend  Townsend
 Tranquil Harbor  Tranquil Harbor
 Triangle Wood  Triangle Wood
 Turtle Creek  Turtle Creek
 Turtlewood  Turtlewood
 Tuscarora Village  Tuscarora Village
 Village Green Townhomes  Village Green Townho
 Villas  Villas
 Vineyard Landing  Vineyard Landing
 Vineyard Plantation  Vineyard Plantation
 Walden Creek Estates  Walden Creek Estates
 Waterberry Plantation  Waterberry Plantatio
 Waterford of the Carolinas  Waterford of the Ca
 Waterford of the Carolinas the Reserve  Waterford of the Car
 Waters Edge  Waters Edge
 Waterscape  Waterscape
 Wedgewood at Lanvale  Wedgewood at Lanvale
 West Harbor Ridge  West Harbor Ridge
 West Trace  West Trace
 West Wing  West Wing
 Westbank  Westbank
 Westgate  Westgate
 Westgate The Arbors  Westgate The Arbor
 Westgate Shoreline  Westgate Shoreline
 Westover  Westover
 Westport  Westport
 Westport at South Harbor Village  Westport at South Ha
 Westport Harbour Village  Westport Harbour Vil
 Wheel Estates  Wheel Estates
 Wildwood Village  Wildwood Village
 Willow Woods  Willow Woods
 Windjammer  Windjammer
 Winding Creek  Winding Creek
 Winding River Plantation  Winding River Planta
 Windsor Park  Windsor Park
 Winnabow  Winnabow
 Winners Oval  Winners Oval
 Wood Hollow Estates  Wood Hollow Estates
 Wood Ridge  Wood Ridge
 Woodburn Acres  Woodburn Acres
 Woodside Farms  Woodside Farms
 Wooduck Retreat  Wooduck Retreat
 Yaupon Beach  Yaupon Beach


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